The Centre of Mathematical Social Science (CMSS) is pleased to announce a one-day workshop on a broad range of issues in Political Science. The main topic will be on voting rules and elections but other related topics will be considered as well. In particular, the following may be of interest:

– the impact of various voting rules on minorities (be they smaller political parties or ethnic minorities);
– design of elections (eg., redistricting problems in the USA);
– MMP and the postmortem to the NZ 2023 elections.

Invited speakers:

Bernard Grofman (University of California, Irvine)
Jon Fraenkel (Victoria University of Wellington)

When: Thursday, 1 February 2024
Venue: Old Government House, University of Auckland

To read more about the program of the event, please visit the following URL address:

The CMSS is a transdisciplinary research centre with members from fields, including mathematics, economics, computer science, philosophy, and statistics. Research covers areas such as decision-making, social choice, voting, social networks, game theory, and experimental economics.

If you are willing to participate (no participation fee applies but the workshop dinner may be at your cost) get in touch with one of the co-directors of the centre.

Simona Fabrizi and Arkadii Slinko, CMSS Co-Directors