Centre for Mathematical Social Science

Mathematical analysis of individual and collective decisions

About CMSS

We are a group of researchers interested in applying mathematical and computational modelling to social sciences (particularly social choice and economics), centred at the University of Auckland, but with members also from Auckland University of Technology and Massey University.

Topics of particular interest include the logic of individual knowledge; choice, and preference; decision under risk and uncertainty; collective choice and representation; voting and implementation; justice and inequality; theories of measurement for the social sciences; planning and organisation; social networks; game theory; evolutionary theory; experimental economics; and more generally the study of the equilibrium and disequilibrium of socioeconomic systems.

Our specialisations are in game theory, complexity theory, modal logic, abstract convexity, decision theory, social choice and voting, the theory of social networks and experimental economics.

We aim to be a centre of expertise in the area of mathematical social science, recognised as a leader in academic and nonacademic circles throughout Australasia.

The CMSS is a research centre of the University of Auckland. Specifically, it is a departmental centre in the Department of Mathematics.